The teaching focuses on the students to preserve the beautiful culture and improve skills e.g. psychology and physiology at the same time by beginning with Thai manner practice, which is our uniqueness such as “Wai” (salute). Wai is one of beautiful Thai manner that is accepted by the whole world. There are many Thai Wai that is appropriate and in order to Wai being correctly and appropriately taught; therefore, Baan Suan Nattasilp Ngam Wong Wan would like to preserve and teach culturally Wai to all students.

To be youngster representative in performing Thai dancing art by using the atmosphere
of Baan Suan Nattasilp - Dontri Thai
in the filming or Disney Channel of Singapore in 2006.

   Further, Thai dancing art practice and music also improve skill, intellectuality, attention, and character of the students. Another important thing is the school has a garden for student and parent relaxation.

We also teach autistic children

Thai Dancing Art Curriculum

  • Basic Dancing Skill Curriculum
  • Standard Performance Curriculum
  • Single and Double Dance Skill Curriculum
  • Competition Skill Increase Curriculum

Thai Music Instruments Curriculum

  • Chinese cymbalo, Xylophone, Coconut fiddle, Treble fiddle, Three-Stringed Musical Instrument
  • Basic Melody Production Curriculum
  • Group Performance Curriculum
  • Music Rhythm Teacher Curriculum
  • Competition Practice Curriculum

All courses are taught in air conditioned rooms.
There are also free snacks and beverage for the student during breaks.

There is also Wi-Fi internet service for the parent during their waits for their children.
Baan Suan Nattasilp also presents the student results during April of every year.




period of time

Special Course
Music can be selected in one on one lesson.


a.m. 10.00 - 12.00 .

5 time (10 hour)

p.m. 13.00 - 15.00 .

Monday - Friday

p.m. 17.00 - 19.00 .


Courses are taught by:

  • Dr. Phairot Thongkhamsuk (Nong)
    the director of Thai classic masked play enacting scenes from the Ramayana at Sala Chalermkrung
  • Master Chananchida Thongkhamsuk
  • Master Chanachai Kophachon
  • Master Nopphon Chamroenthong
  • Master Rotchana Thapthimsri
  • Master Suchada Srisura

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 If you are looking for a freelance job and have the heart and seriously interested and creative in a new type of business,
you only need to have appropriate area and location and decorated garden, you can become a business owner.

 Easy procedure and conditions for being in business:

  • Register for free three hours orientation at the office
  • We also accept groups from outside Bangkok
  • Able to expand the business network.
  • To promote the growth, creativity, and preserve Thai culture
  • There are yearly activities at Baan Suan Nattasilp arranged by the Fines Art Department
  • The Children can enter the activities free
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